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Illinois Defective Medical Device Lawyers for Injuries Caused by Hernia Mesh Implants

Medical technology is constantly improving, and new tools, devices, implants, and other products are regularly developed that can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. While these products can provide many benefits, they can also cause serious injuries if they do not function properly. Hernia mesh implants are one type of product that have been found to cause injuries to patients. These implants have been associated with a variety of injuries and health issues, and hernia mesh repair surgery may be needed to address the damage caused by defective hernia mesh. Patients who have suffered harm due to these products will want to determine their options for pursuing compensation to address the ways they have been affected.

In cases involving defective medical devices, victims can work with an experienced attorney to take legal action against all of the parties that caused them to suffer harm. Since implants and other medical products that were in widespread use may have caused large numbers of people to be injured, multiple plaintiffs may be able to pursue mass torts against manufacturers that designed or manufactured products defectively or failed to provide the proper warnings about the potential risks that may affect patients. Our firm helps victims take the correct steps to ensure that a negligent manufacturer will be held responsible for the damages suffered by patients who have been injured by their products.

Injuries Caused by Defective Hernia Mesh

Hernias will usually involve tears in the abdominal wall or other connective tissue, causing fatty tissue, intestines, or other organs to push through the hole that forms. Surgery may be performed to repair the damage, and in many cases, surgical mesh is used to strengthen the repaired tissue and ensure that holes or tears do not reopen. In many cases, surgical mesh is made of plastic and similar artificial materials, and some of these implants have been found to cause different types of injuries to patients. Issues that patients have experienced include:

  • Breakdown of hernia mesh - Over time, the components of an implant may break down. This may result in small, sharp pieces of plastic entering a person's bloodstream or moving about in their abdominal cavity. This may lead to bowel perforation or damage to other organs.
  • Hernia mesh migration - Even if an implant does not break down, it may not stay in the same position. Hernia mesh that moves within the abdominal cavity may cause a bowel perforation or blockage, or it may place pressure on nerves, leading to chronic pain or loss of sensation in the groin or other parts of the abdomen.
  • Hernia mesh contraction - An implant may stay in the correct position, but it may contract or shrink over time, causing the original hole or tear to reopen. Additional surgical procedures may be needed to address the recurrence of a hernia.
  • Infections and inflammation - A patient may experience viral or bacterial infections if a hernia mesh implant was not properly sterilized. The plastic materials used in a hernia mesh implant may also cause tissues to become inflamed, leading to additional complications.
  • Adhesion - Scar tissue that builds up around a hernia mesh implant may cause multiple organs or tissues to fuse together, which may lead to issues such as chronic pain or bowel obstructions.

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If you have experienced adverse health issues after receiving a hernia mesh implant, and you have required hernia mesh repair surgery to address your injuries, our firm can advise you of your options for addressing these issues and pursuing compensation from the device's manufacturer or any other parties who may have been responsible for your damages. To set up a free consultation, contact us today by calling 866-553-9812.

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