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Hernia Mesh Injury FAQs

Chicago Defective Medical Product Attorney Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Hernia Mesh

People who receive surgical procedures expect the tools and devices used by medical professionals to be safe. Unfortunately, certain types of devices may be defective, and they can cause patients to suffer serious injuries. Hernia mesh, which is used in many procedures to help repair and strengthen tears or holes in the abdominal wall or other connective tissue that surrounds the organs in the abdominal cavity, may break down, migrate from its original position, or otherwise fail to function as intended. This can lead to multiple types of injuries and ongoing health issues. If you have undergone hernia surgery, you may be concerned about the possibility of injuries. Our law firm can advise you of your legal options in these cases, and we can answer any questions you may have about how to address injuries related to defective hernia mesh.

Which Manufacturers Have Created Hernia Mesh Implants That May Be Defective?

Multiple companies have been involved in lawsuits related to hernia mesh, and others have recalled hernia mesh products or taken them off the market. Other companies have manufactured products that have been reported to cause injuries. These companies and products include:

  • C.R. Bard - Products under the brand name Composix Kugel have been recalled, and thousands of lawsuits have been filed by patients who have been affected by these products.
  • Ethicon - Physiomesh Flexible Composite products were taken off the market due to high failure rates, and the manufacturer has settled tens of thousands of lawsuits.
  • Johnson & Johnson - Lawsuits have addressed injuries to patients who have used Herget PCL brand hernia mesh.
  • Atrium Medical Corporation - Products under the brand name C-QUR have been recalled, and the company has faced several thousand lawsuits.
  • Guidant - This company has faced lawsuits related to its Ventralex products.
  • Gore Medical - Injuries associated with products under the brand name Dual have been reported to the FDA.
  • LifeCell (a subsidiary of Allergan) - Patients have reported injuries related to Strattice brand products to the FDA.

What Are the Symptoms of a Hernia Mesh Injury?

If a hernia mesh implant breaks down, this can cause a great deal of pain in the abdomen when pieces of the implant perforate organs or tissues. The migration of an implant may perforate or obstruct the bowels or intestines, leading to issues such as bloating and constipation. Breakdown or migration of hernia mesh may also lead to pinched nerves, which may cause pain in the groin and abdomen and impairment of sexual functions. Damage to the intestines may also cause a person to experience nausea and vomiting. If these issues lead to an infection due to fecal matter being released into the abdominal cavity, a person may suffer from high fevers, severe abdominal pain, and swelling or bloating in the abdomen. The migration or contraction of a hernia mesh implant may lead to the recurrence of a hernia, and a person may experience bulging or swelling in the area where the hernia occurred. Hernia mesh repair surgery is often required to remove a defective hernia mesh and correct the damage it has caused.

What Damages Can a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Address?

A patient who suffered injuries related to defective hernia mesh implants may pursue compensation for multiple types of damages. These may include medical expenses for all forms of treatment a person required, including treatment for symptoms and complications, additional surgeries needed to repair an implant or correct damage caused by an implant, and ongoing therapies. A person may also seek compensation for income lost due to an injury or illness, as well as the loss of future income due to their medical issues. Compensation may also address the physical and emotional pain and suffering a person experienced because of their injuries.

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